About Us

MatMan Washing Solutions Ltd started in New Zealand in 1998 to service the packaging industry with the hire and sale of industrial washing equipment. We work with Limex Netherlands www.limex.nl and are their distributor for Australia and New Zealand. Limex has a proven history for over 30 years of developing high quality industrial washing equipment for an international market.
We can provide cleaning equipment for the following products:
• Plastic crates • Pallets
• Pallet boxes • Buckets
• Layerboards • Cell trays (styropor, blister, moulded etc)
Our clients come from a broad variety of industries, including:
• Fisheries • Abattoirs
• Bakeries • Laboratories
• Fruit and vegetable industries • Nurseries
• Flower and plant growing industries • Logistic companies
• Supermarket chains • Dairy industry
• Confectionery industries  

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