Complete the sinner circle for effective cleaning

Complete the sinner circle for effective cleaning

Effective cleaning depends on having four key factors in balance: mechanics, temperature, time and chemicals. Only when these four factors are in the correct balance, can you achieve an optimum washing result.

Complete the sinner-circle for effective cleaning.

Mechanics: In a tunnel washing machine the mechanical power is provided by the pump capacity and water pressure. In general, the more mechanical power, the better the washing result.

Temperature: The kind and degree of contamination calls for a certain water temperature. The recommended temperature in a crate-washing machine is in general between 40° and 70° C.

Time: The washing time is also an important factor. Chemicals need a certain time to work correctly. An increase in contact time can reduce the amount of chemicals needed.

Chemistry: A detergent has to be appropriate for the way of cleaning, the product and the kind of contamination. An aggressive chemical can be more effective but sometimes causes other negative effects.

Imagine a pie divided into four equal quarters. If one portion is decreased, for example if the time taken to wash is shorter due to having a higher capacity, then one of the other three factors, the mechanics, the temperature, or the amount of chemicals needs to be increased in order to make the “pie” or Sinner Circle complete.

Ultimately, the balance you need to produce the optimum result will be determined by the product you want washed and the degree of soiling. This balance of the four factors making up the most appropriate “Sinner Circle” will always vary for each client. That is why we offer a trial service so that we can determine the individual balance of these four critical factors so that you can get the best result possible.

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