New Compact Tray Washer with Double Track

New Compact Tray Washer with Double Track


Our new compact tray washer has a double track for twice the capacity.


Technology does not stand still. This means that sometimes even a great machine can be re-examined and improved. This new double-track machine is based on our model T1502, a proven and professional cleaning machine. 


T1502-2VT: twice the tracks for double the capacity

The inside of the tunnel is adjusted to have two tracks for vertical transport of small products such as trays or lids. This two-track machine will give you double the capacity on a compact footprint.  With a capacity of 200 to 650 trays per track (a total of up to 1300 trays per hour), it is a machine that will easily meet the demands of a lot of users.

Two-tracked cleaning process

The products are held in position by adjustable rails, allowing you to clean two sizes of trays simultaneously. Each track has a driven belt to transport the products through the tunnel. The nozzle pipes with jets are positioned in such a way that the products are sprayed at both sides and the vertical position ensures that the dirt and water can flow off easily. The drawer filter between tunnel and tank will catch the debris.  The main wash water is heated by electrical resistances inside the tank, 3x 8 kW. At the end of the tunnel is a rinse with fresh water. On both sides of the tunnel is a hatch for optimum access to the tunnel.

Optional:  a dosing pump for adding an alkaline detergent to the main wash or a Dosatron on the rinse section for adding a disinfectant (for example a hydro-peroxide).


Some technical specs:

Machine model:                          T1502-2VT

Material:                                      mainly stainless steel AISI 304

Machine dimensions:                  LxWxH   3,5 x 1,2 x 1,9 meter

Weight:                                        650 kg

E-connection:                              3 phase+N, 400V, 50Hz (optional other voltage/Hz      on demand)

Circulation pump main wash:     5,5 kW

Electrical heating:                       3x 8 kW

Drive motors:                              2x 0,18 kW

Tank content main wash:           450 litre

Water consumption rinse:          0 till 500 liters per hour

*water supply is regulated with a manual valve

Max. product input height:         450 mm

Max. product input width:          100 mm

Capacity per track:                    200 till 650 trays/hour (total up to 1300 per hour)



Interested in more details? Contact Matt van Geneygen  PH: 027888299,  for additional information and availability.



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