Looking After Your Crate-washer



Service is our specialty

Our machines are low maintenance. However, low maintenance does not mean no-maintenance. Any machine needs regular care if it is to perform at its best and our Limex crate-washing machines are no different. 

After we install your crate-washer, we recommend that our specialist meets and discusses the care requirements with the designated person in charge of the machine.

At no extra charge, our specialist will then come on site and do the service with the designated person in charge, for the next two or three service checks. 

Annual check-ups

We recommend that our maintenance specialist does a regular annual service of your machine. This service is included as part of our hiring package. 

As we work nation-wide and internationally, we can train your existing service provider/engineer at your premises in the maintenance requirements of the machine. This allows for instant service when required.

Daily care

It is vitally important to have one person responsible for daily care. The machine needs to be cleaned every night, have a chemical wash to remove scale monthly, and checks to make sure the heating works and the pump is running properly.

By following a simple care routine, you can ensure that your cleaning and sterilising is of the highest standard. Follow our recommendations and your machine will last for many years.

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